30mm collagen casing would not fit on 22mm tube.

  • I made my first batch of brats last night and was using the 30mm collagen casing, but I could not get it to fit on the 22mm tube. I used instead the 16mm tube. I am just curious about what I was doing wrong. I have the 11lb vertical stuffer.

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    Joepingel That would be correct, the 22mm tube is too big for the 30mm casing, it will fit the 32mm collagen but not the 30. You can check out a chart that shows you what tube to use with what casings (https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/187/what-size-stuffing-tube-to-use-sausage-casing-size-chart) that Austin made a few years ago. Please let me know if you saw incorrect information somewhere on either meatgistics.com or waltonsinc.com and I will get that fixed.

  • Jonathon are you able to confirm if you sell a stainless stuffing tube/horn, for 19mm collagen casing, that is compatible with current model Cabela’s stuffers (11lb)?

    Regarding the size chart on your site, assume the diameter dimension reference is “OD”…? Curious to know from you or anyone here if the “ID” of the stainless replacement is greater than the ID of the plastic tube that come with the Cabela’s stuffers (assume the wall of theplastic tube is thicker than the metal wall?). Bottom line I want to make 19mm sticks (1st timer here) and want to have the right setup - concerned that the 10mm tube that cam with the stuffer wont work for sticks. Thanks in advance, TCT

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    TinCupTom I can’t confirm that it works with a C*****s brand stuffer but what I can do is give you the OD of the back side of the flange of our stuffing tubes which is 2 - 1/16th of an inch, they are all the same for all Walton’s sizes of stuffing tubes. So if you measure the flange on one of your stuffing tubes and it is the same then you “should” be able to use it. I’m not sure what the tolerance for variability would be here but I would have to imagine there is some allowance for error, so I’d guess if you were 2 inches heavy (less than a 1/6th of an inch) that it would work!

    Yes, the diameter it mentioned was the OD. I’m not sure about the plastic piece but the ID of our 10mm stuffing tube is 5/16th of an inch, if that helps?

    Now, if you are wanting to make 19mm (that’s the size I recommend by the way!) then you don’t need to use a 10mm stuffing tube, a 12mm should work fine for 19mm. Unless maybe yours came with a 10mm and the next size up is 20 or something? If that is the case then a 10mm will still work just make sure you are holding the casing onto the tube so it actually fills all the way up!

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