• Love the community and shopping with waltons however I will not be back. I ordered a bunch of vac bags not realizing that they are NOT returnable even if sealed in original packaging. I messed up and got chamber typed bags not knowing any better. Ill continue to hang around here and absorb the knowledge but after the lack of concern from customer service over potentially loosing a new and excited customer its doubtful all continue to shop here.

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    hsiddall Unfortunately, we cannot normally accept returns on food contact items like vac bags. If we accepted these types of items back and re-sold them, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the product for another customer. If we make the mistake, we will take the items back and absorb the cost, but not if it is mis-ordered by the customer. If we took them back, they would most likely just end up being tossed into the trash. I hope you can understand why we have this policy and hope you will continue to shop at Walton’s.

  • Austin
    I actually do understand but even in their original untouched packaging? The fact that you can’t gurantee their integrity even when sealed makes me the consumer wonder if I should trust them when they are sealed. I made the mistake and have to eat it. I appreciate how fast you guys clarified my question on the last livestream but unfortunately I had already ordered them. I being a home processor as a hobby have to eat it and don’t even have anybody in my circle tonpass them on to. Just a total loss.

  • Sounds like you need to man up buttercup. Stop your whining, cut your losses and resell them online.

  • hsiddall, Contact me at e-mail: [email protected] to see if I could use/purchase the bags you purchased.

    Will do

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