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    Okay, time to have a discussion about meat mixers…I’ve used both the 20# and 44# Weston mixers for bologna and anything that has cure in it has stressed these out so much we’ve had to do some modification but with that I think I’ve reached the outer limits.
    We use the 44# and after only a couple runs had to have our welder add some stiffness to the paddles and reinforce the paddles to the mixing shaft. Oh, I usually do 50/50 venison to pork butt meat lug.
    My issue now is the tub is flexing and the shaft is jumping the pin and now rounded off where the shaft meets the pin. Other than going old school and mixing by hand or spending $1700 on that 50# meat mixer you have on sale-which you know I’m tempted to do, what are my options? I’ve added some cold water, mixed the meat then added the spice, made a slurry to add the spice but the minute the cure hit is, game over, stiff as a board.

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    Parksider The only thing I can think of is how much do you add to the mixer at a time? If you are putting 44 lb in the 44 lb meat mixer maybe try backing it off a little? I know you guys do large batches but maybe try seeing what happens if you top out at around 25-30 lb of meat? You’ve already tried additional water and everything else I would have suggested already.

    Another option is to contact Weston to let them know. Weston is pretty awesome about taking care of issues when I was in customer service any time a customer called in with a Weston issue I knew it would be a pretty easy call as Weston always wants first shot at fixing a customers issue. Here is a link to there contact us page, it has a number and a form you can fill out https://www.westonsupply.com/Contact_Us_a/253.htm. You never know, they might have a fix for it or an offer of a repair/replacement?

    I don’t know if you joined us last night but Austin did mention you with the 50 lb Meat Mixer and how it might be a good fit for you!

  • I recently mixed four 25 lb. batches and one 10 lb. batch of summer sausage in our new Weston 44# mixer connected to a Weston 22 Pro grinder.
    Running forward or reverse we had no operating issues.
    I will say the next time we will cut back on the mixing time because we lost some particle definition. Maybe just 4 minutes…5 at the most.

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    Jonathon No unfortunately I wasn’t able to. Just watched some of the video, thanks for the shout out-you need to stream me in remotely for a linking lesson sometime. I’ll give Weston a call, thanks for that idea… We usually do 20# batches of the bologna so I don’t think that’s the issue, just seems to be the cure.
    If we didn’t just get the walkin cooler that would be on my list for sure! But I’m really thinking a mixer/grinder may be in our future.

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    Parksider Mixer grinders are a HUGE benefit, they really do make everything a lot easier and I can see you guys doing that. I was in Rochester for Thanksgiving visiting my wife’s family for a few days, I was thinking about making a day trip to see you but I was told in no uncertain terms that such a decision would be unwise as we only see our NY families once every few years.

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    Oh come on, this was work related…you know you’re more than welcome anytime!
    I did just pick up this bad boy yesterday from a supermarket auction. Hobart 403 cuber. This things is a beast and we got it for a steal, couldn’t pass it up. Beyond cube steaks we were thinking about doing jerky with the cubed meat. Thoughts?!0_1545327916818_Cuber.jpg

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