• My wife and I moved here about 3 1/2 years ago to retire. Yes we love it, health insurance $80 per month and it covers 100%. Lots of other benefits, too. We live in a small fishing village about mid coast on the west coast of Ecuador, Crucita.
    I made breakfast sausage for us to eat. We were asked to donate something to an auction for a local charity, so we donated 2 kilos of our sausage. It sold at auction for $29 per kilo.
    That was 2 years ago. We now make about 300 lbs per month and sell it all in about a 100 square mile area. We finally put up a web site, Casa de Shilchicha ( House of Sausage). We now have requests from all of the west coast and several large cities to buy it. I am supplying 2 wholesale outlets. Currently, we are delivering to 4 cities monthly. We will supply the rest of the country, but there is no dry ice here, so I will have to get a dry ice machine from the US.
    I read the blog every day, and I always learn something useful. I would love to do some business with you guys. I tried to order about 1 1/2 years ago, but I was told the computers in Wichita thought that I was a scam operator and that my order was rejected. That was after my debit card was run, the money sent ,but that my ship to address did not match my billing address. No amount of explaining about having to use friends to mule to us because of a 60% tax on direct shipping products did not even defrost the lady’s cold heart.
    I would still like to do business with you guys, if you are willing.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

    PS, anybody interested in buying a growing business in Ecuador? I am retired= haha.

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    Tonyinecuador Good job taking a passion project and making it a business, though it doesn’t sound like that was your goal in the beginning! I’m going to check around here and see what we can do. What’s the name of your business and what is it you are looking to purchase from Walton’s? Let me know what you are looking for before trying to place another order.

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    Tonyinecuador said in Hi, I am Tony from Ecuador:

    a 60% tax on direct shipping products ? WOW Guess Health care isn’t that cheap after all.LOL

  • Hi Jonathon,
    It will be a couple of months, I think before I am ready to order again. I need to take inventory on all my seasonings. I am using mostly Excaliber seasonings now, except for a few that are old recipes that I can get spices for.
    We make 5 flavors of breakfast sausages, in both mild and hot, Italian, chorizo,both mild and hot, all beef franks, sugar cured bacon,ham, corned beef and pastrami.
    I am using hog casings on some larger sausages, but they are only available per kilo ($22) that are whatever sizes came out and are mixed, so hard to be consistent.Using collagen, 26mm for everything else. It is all that is available, so works for franks,Italian, chorizo and breakfast links (short and fat).
    Top of my wish list is a Weston pro butcher#32, and a linker. I couldalso, wish for a larger stuffer, except my Weston 7# handles almost all of my casing because very few orders, together exceed the capacity because of the variety. And a linker would also be great.
    I am dealing with a man here for a " roaster" that is all stainless, about 4 feet in diameter an about 4 feet tall. It has a 6" propane burner in the center and 20 stainless rings at the 9around the inside,concentric with about 40 SS meat hooks. It only needs a 3" smoke stack with a damper, and some support rods for a SS bowl for sawdust. Then, I will need a couple of digital thermometers and I will have a smoker. Propane is perfect here. They are 50 # tanks, and cost $2.50 each to exchange. Using my XL GreenEgg for now, but only small amounts.

    Yes 60% is a lot. That is why wee try to mule everything in.
    Anybody coming down that can bring me the grinder?

    More later, I am sure.
    Thanks a million.

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    Tonyinecuador Okay, well let us know when you are getting ready, sorry, Im not heading down there anytime soon! On most international orders, it is easiest to do a wire transfer. It is the best way for us to verify the account and that the payment is good. Plus, it is the fastest way for our international customers to get their product because we don’t have to do extensive checking for validity on other payment types. If we get a wire transfer, we can ship to any address you want, and the billing and shipping address doesn’t have to match. For ordering, the best way to proceed would be to email the items you want to our customer service team at cs@waltonsinc.com or call us at 316-262-0651. After we know what you need to order, we can put together a quote and get you shipping options, plus we can work out the details on arranging a wire transfer.

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    Tony, Ecuador sounds interesting & I have often wondered about that, but Margaret says no & she speaks very good Spanish. Tell us more about it & how life is & how it was adjusting to a very new locale. What made you choose Ecuador?

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