How long to hang dry cured sausage

  • I have a batch of Pepperoni hanging in the basement which I made the first week in December. So its been hanging about a month.
    I used Cure #2, 1 teaspoon per 5lb of meat mixture (2lb chuck, 1lb pork loin, 1lb backfat), stuffed it into hog casings, recorded the initial weight and hung it up.
    Some recipes call for hanging 6 weeks or more, some say 6 weeks “or until it has reduced weight by 30-40%”.
    Mine is at just under 50% of its initial weight, so that makes me think it is ready. Has sufficient time elapsed to allow the nitrates to dissipate? I tried a piece today and it tastes great.

  • Ed_Orum
    Afternoon… Nitrate takes months or longer to dissipate… It’s what keeps the meat safe while it’s hanging in your kitchen… No worrys about nitrate… It’s in all the vegetables you eat…
    50%+ weight loss… You must have added water… Subtract the amount of water you added and that gives you the original weight of the meat…
    Not a good idea to add water to meats you are going to dry cure… Could leave voids… pockets where bacteria can flourish… Dave

  • daveomak Thanks Dave. I am not adding water, just the wine it calls for in the recipe for the pepperoni. Could it be the humidity level is somewhere around 25%?

  • Ed_Orum
    25% Humidity is very low
    should be more like 75-80 for the first 4-5 days then 70-75 for a week then 65-70 for a while

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