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  • How to Make Jambalaya Bratwurst

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    Grimpuppy Those look very good, they are on my todo list.

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    jrypka you may be under stuffed or your smoker got to hot in the beginning and your fat got out it happened to me awhile ago

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    Marcus 2 i think your assumptions are probably correct.

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    TexLaw I agree with just the two of us in the house and gifting to the elderly friends. Seems I am limited on cases available. I prefer the ones about 16 to 20 inches long but they are not very common

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    So does that mean all the jerky sold on eBay is governed by the FDA for these standards or are eBay sales not considered commercial?

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  • How to Make Tender Beef Jerky - Recipe

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    jhaynes8 Good luck in trying to keep it away from others.

  • How to Make Ground Beef Jerky - Recipe

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    If you are not using meat stabilizer how much water do you use?

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    Tim Salois As Paul said overnight is not enough time for whole ham. Without arterial /stich pumping SE will not accelerate the cure since the cure does not have time to penetrate the meat completely.

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    No help from me but I’m anxious for the answers because it’s happening to me sometimes too, similar conditions

  • How to Make Pepperoni - Recipe

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    I see you say I can use 100% of other meats like turkey or wild game. Is there anything different I should do if I use 100% turkey to make this pepperoni?

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    Musicsean No. I have been brining mine for 1-2 days for years & it works perfect with Walton’s Turkey brine deuced up.

  • How to Make Bacon - Recipe

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    willyboy19 I make bacon don’t inject or use booster got the recipe of the internet

  • Canadian Bacon - Recipe

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    wdaly I really appreciate that & always wish I could do more. However, you did all the work, got it set up, & made it happen. So, get ready to make some more!

  • Dry Rub Bacon - Recipe

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    processhead I usually do a day or 2 before the smoker to dry them out

  • Imitation Bacon - Recipe

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    Jonathon I made elk bacon last weekend with Imitation Bacon #2 and added Bacon Booster. The teste is good but the color after smoking is brown rather than pink. I mixed Saturdays morning and smoked Sunday. 120 for an hour and a half, 130 for an hour and a half with smoke added into the PK 100, then 145 for an hour and a half with a water pan with sponges added, then 175 to an IT of 153. Ground both elk and pork trim at 3/8" and then mixed, I felt like I had a good protein extraction. Any ideas what may have happened?

  • Smoked Brisket - Recipe

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    spetersen07 said in How to Smoke Brisket - Recipe:

    With the PK 100, I am going to follow this recipe. But what do I do with the dampers? And I’m new to the PK 100…which wattage should I use? Thanks in advance!

    I would plan on using the high wattage setting. Set the dampers about 1/2 open and you should be fine.

    It will be a long smoke to get a brisket cooked till its tender. Some folks will smoke for several hours and then wrap in foil and finish in the oven (see Texas Crutch above in the instructions.

    After cooking, I like to let the cooked brisket rest in a insulated container like a cooler for another hour or so before slicing and serving.

  • Smoked Turkey Injection - Recipe

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    Injected and Smoked Turkey Smoked Turkey Injection - How to Inject Your Turkey with Soluble Seasoning What Is Injected Turkey?

    An Injected Turkey is simply a fresh, uncured, and unseasoned Turkey that you will marinate with a soluble seasoning by injecting it directly into the meat and muscle of the turkey. Marinating will give you a more flavorful turkey, and since you are injecting the seasoning directly into it, you do not have to let it wait as long, and it will be a juicier bird as well.

    Meat Block

    15 lb Fresh Turkey


    Soluble Turkey Seasoning
    Rosemary Basil and Thyme Rub


    We are going to inject it with Soluble Turkey Pump, and then we are going to rub the outside with Excalibur Seasoning’s Rosemary Basil and Thyme Rub. We recommend using one of the soluble seasonings from Excalibur Seasoning because the particle size of the seasoning is small enough to dissolve in water and more uniformly dispersed when injected into meats. For the Soluble Turkey Seasoning, the recommended usage is to dissolve 3 lb of the seasoning in 5 gallons of water for a 20% pump. A 20% pump means we are adding 20% of the weight of the meat in the injection. So because this turkey weighs 15 lbs, we will need to inject 3 lbs (or 48oz) of the marinade. It is always better to have more rather than not enough, so we are going to use 0.6 lb of seasoning to a gallon of water, which will give us 8.6 lb of injection, and inject 3 lb of that into the turkey. Just like with the cured turkey, we are going to inject it and then cover it in a 50% strength solution to let it marinate overnight so it picks up all of the flavor it can. To create our cover marinade, we are going to use 0.3 lb of seasoning and 1 gallon of water. Also, since this seasoning already contains cold phosphate for moisture retention, we do not need to add any more.

    To do this properly, we will need an injector, a scale (to measure how much of our mixture we have injected), a meat tray or lug, and a large container to store the turkey in. We also like to use the Stark liners as they make everything, especially cleanup, a lot easier. All of these items and more can be found at

    Before we start, there are a few important things to consider when preparing your injection. The water needs to be potable, so very low microbial levels, and it shouldn’t be “hard” water. The best way to do this is to buy distilled water from the grocery store, or you can let your water sit out overnight in a cooler to allow any chlorine to gas out or evaporate.


    We recommend doing an 8-point injection, with 4 injection points on each half of the turkey. Start with the turkey lying flat on a counter or cutting board and on its back with the bottom facing you. Your first injection will be in the middle of the breast and angled down towards the top of the turkey (repeat this injection on the other breast). Injection number 2 will be parallel to the counter, through the middle of the breast, towards the top of the turkey (repeat on both sides of the turkey breast). The third and fourth injection points will be into the drumstick and leg and then inject into the thigh muscle (again, repeat to inject both halves of the turkey). That gives us 4 injection points on each side of the turkey, for 8 total injection points. Since this Turkey was 15 lbs, we want it to weigh at least 18 lbs after injecting, thus hitting our 20% pump goal.

    Now we are going to let this sit in a fridge overnight to let the injection disperse as evenly as possible and to get the most flavorful turkey possible; however, if you don’t have the time to hold it overnight, you can go right to the oven or smoker at this point.

    Rubbing Turkey

    Now that our Turkey has been injected and marinated, we are going to add some extra flavor by rubbing it with Rosemary Basil and Thyme Rub all over the outside. This should give it a nice fresh herb taste to go along with the injected seasoning.


    Most Turkeys still come with a pop-up timer; our best advice is to ignore this thing completely. It has ruined more Thanksgiving dinners than drunken relatives. You want to use an actual digital thermometer to check the temperature of the turkey.

    Thermal Processing & Smoking

    Stage 1 - 120° F for 30 minutes
    Stage 2 - 135° F for 2.5 hours
    Stage 3 - 160° F for 30 minutes
    Stage 3 - 190° F until internal meat temp of 165°

    Wrap up

    Injecting and then smoking your Turkey at home is a simple and easy way to make sure you have a great-tasting and looking turkey! The only thing you really need to do this is an injector, though the marinating buckets, Stark Marinating Liners, and a smoker to make it easier and give you a better-finished product.

    Additional Tips If you want to rub the seasoning both above and below the skin, that can give you a better taste. To do so, you carefully separate the skin from the muscle by slowly working your hands (starting from the cavity side) between the skin and the breast meat. Allowing the turkey to marinate in a 50% strength solution overnight will make sure your seasoning evenly distributes inside the muscle Watch WaltonsTV: How to Inject Your Turkey with Soluble Seasoning Shop for Injectable Seasonings Shop for Injectors
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    SierraPete I love Muffaletta seasoning/taste, I used to have some Muffaletta mix that I would put on sandwiches and I LOVED it!

  • Juicy Chicken Bratwurst - Recipe

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    Today I did a 50/50 thigh-breast mix with the Turkey Brats recipe. They turned out perfect. They were juicy with great texture. I only ran it through the grinder once with a 3/16 hole. Made them with the Habanero Mango Brat seasoning and wish I didn’t because as it was good for the Brat, I also made a smoked version, Like summer sausage, and there was just way to much going on in the flavour and even though the Heat is good, it just dominates the flavour.