Specialty Sausage: 104 Blood Sausage

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    Specialty Sausage

    Specialty Sausage: 104 Blood Sausage

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    Blending Blood
    Sauté Onions
    Mix Ingredients
    Tie Knot in Casing
    Tie Between Links

    What is Blood Sausage?

    Blood Sausages have been around for 1,000s of years all over the world. It is commonly mixed with a grain or other coagulant to thicken the blood then stuffed into a casing and either cooked or dried. It is called blood pudding in the UK, Blutworst in Germany, Boudin Noir in France almost every country has it’s own name for it and they can differ slightly or wildly but they all share blood as a main ingredient. Now, we might have already lost some of you as soon as we started talking about blood but don’t be put off by that, when properly prepared it can be delicious and perfectly safe!

    Meat Block

    3 lb of Pork Butts
    1/2 lb of Pork Fat
    2 Cups Diced Onion
    Pork Blood
    2.5 oz Swiss Style Bratwurst Seasoning
    1 oz of Carrot Fiber
    1/4 oz of Sure Cure


    Walton’s #12 Meat Grinder
    Walton’s 11 lb Sausage Stuffer
    20 lb Meat Mixer

    Prep & Grind

    Just to make sure everything will be ready when you need it go ahead and soak your natural hog casings in hot water so they will be ready later.

    Now, it is always important to make sure everything is kept cold when making sausage but it is especially important here. So we are putting our grinder head assembly, plates and knives in the freezer before we do our grinding here. We will go first through a 3/8 plate and then a 3/16 plate and we will add our pork fat during the second grind. Now put this meat in the fridge for now.

    Dice your onions very finely and caramelize them in some of the extra pork fat if you have any left over, or if you don’t just some vegetable oil.

    Meat Mixing

    Next, in a clean bowl add the onions, meat, seasoning, cure, half the carrot fiber and start adding blood, about a pint at a time, and start mixing. Keep adding blood and carrot fiber until you have achieved the desired consistency. It will be a thick slurry but still liquid. If this has taken you more than a few minutes I would recommend you put this mixture in the freezer for a few minutes.

    Sausage Stuffing

    Now load your stuffer with the mix and load on your natural casings. You want to be careful here and slowly crank the handle so that the mixture comes almost to the end of the stuffing tube and then you want to tie off the end of your casing. Now stuff carefully, you do not want any blowouts here, remember an understuffed casing can be twisted a few more times to firm it up if necessary but there is nothing to be done about a blowout. Now, we are going to twist and tie off each casing so that everything stays where it needs to be during the cooking process.

    Thermal Processing & Smoking

    And the thing we are going to do to cook these is to poach them in 170° water for 15-20 minutes to firm them up. We are just using our Vacmaster SV1 cooker for this but you can use a pot of water, just make sure that you do not get the water too hot, 170 is about as high as we want to go.

    Now remove them from the water and smoke them at 180° until the internal temperature is 160°, or you can add them to soups or other dishes.

    Additional Tips

    • As always make sure you keep your meat as cold as you can before grinding. This not only helps speed the grinding process but also helps with food safety which is especially important here if you are going to try to flatten it out.
    • The Blood may be coagulated and hard to mix with other ingredients. We decided to pulse the Blood in a Blend just a few times and that helped out a lot, as the Blood became liquid again.

    Watch WaltonsTV: Specialty Sausage 104: Blood Sausage

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    Hmmm. I’ll have to think about this one. Give me a year or two. 🙄

  • Regular Contributors Veteran Cast Iron Dry Cured Sausage Traeger Masterbuilt Team Blue

    The old timers in my family used to make blood sausage I remember trying it once…
    I may need to try and make it to see if my taste buds have changed😂

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Lance It’s worth it to at least say you have done it! Just don’t make too much of it. We have a guy here who loves the stuff so I gave him about half of what I made.

  • Jonathon said in Specialty Sausage: 104 Blood Sausage:

    Boudin Noir

    Just watched the video . Very instructional on a sausage most people have never tried. I used to get Boudin Noir from a local butcher but much harder to find now. I would love to try making this but have not been able to find any markets or butchers that would sell me pigs blood. Most of the time when I asked they looked at me like I was crazy. It really is a good tasting sausage.

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    Stats77 Any time I need something a little “odd” I check out our local Asian Supermarket. They general;ly have a very wide variety of different types of ingredients. This is where I have gotten pretty much all of our weirder ingredients for some of the Will IT BBQ and sausage videos. Good tip for anyone looking to make some odd stuff!

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon Agreed! I have to drive about an hour to find an ‘exotic’ market like that but it’s worth it just to browse the oddities. Lots of weird bugs, grubs and unidentifiable creatures. Also dehydrated frogs.

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