Meat Processing Equipment: 206 Advanced Sausage Stuffers

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    Meat Processing Equipment: 206 Advanced Sausage Stuffers

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    Style of Stuffers

    Walton’s has 3 styles of Sausage Stuffers, the 7 lb single speed which operates on a horizontal gear with a threaded rack that is raised or lowered by turning the handle that is attached to the gear. The Electric Stuffer that has a 26 lb capacity. And we have 4 different sizes of dual speed stuffers. We have the 7 and 11 lb for smaller batches and then the 26 and 33 lb stuffers for larger batch processing. The only difference in the dual speed stuffers, apart from the size is that the 26 and 33 lb stuffers have a handle on the front of the cylinder to help with loading and moving the cylinder.

    Walton’s dual speed sausage stuffers have stainless steel frames, cylinder and stuffing tubes which are 3 main portions of the stuffer. The cylinder locks into the frames in 4 places which keeps it securely in place during the stuffing process. The stuffing tubes are easy to switch out, simply unscrew the trefoil nut, place a stuffing tube up against the machine and screw the nut back on.

    Top & Bottom Gear
    Gasket Orientation
    Gear Box
    Gear Box


    Walton’s stuffers have 2 gears on the side that you can hook the handle up to for moving the piston. The top one is a high speed gear and should only be used when backing the piston out of the cylinder. The bottom gear is the one you should be using to stuff sausage off of. The gear box is aluminum with zinc plated gear steel gears and when you turn the crank it moves the gear and pushes the rack down through the cannister.

    Piston & Gasket

    Now, the rack lines up with the gears in the box so it moves up and down as you turn the crank, at the bottom of the rack it has a screw that allows you to attach the piston, The piston is aluminum with a durable plastic gasket that goes around the outside to prevent meat from escaping back up into the cylinder, it also has an adjustable air release valve to allow air to escape the cylinder and not be pushed down into the sausage. As the piston goes down it will push your meat through the opening at the bottom and into the stuffing tube and into your casing. There was a change at some point in how you orientate the gasket so now instead of the outer most part going at the bottom of the piston it goes at the top like this. I have done a lot of testing and if you put the gasket in upside down it will still work you just might get a little more of the meat escaping around the edges of the piston.

    Tube Sizes

    The Walton’s Dual Speed Sausage Stuffers come with 4 sizes of stuffing tubes, a 12mm for snack sticks and breakfast sausage, a 16mm for hot dog sized sausage, a 22mm for bratwurst and smoked sausage and a 38 for large summer sausage and for stuffing into bulk bags.


    A few tips on using a sausage stuffer. A wood clamp like this one can be a huge help, especially when processing alone as it can prevent the stuffer from rocking back and forth during cranking. You could also remove the frame from the base and screw it into a table, if you have a spare table that you can easily sanitize. While we are talking about cranking, if you are cranking and handle is having a really hard time moving you need to back it out and make some adjustments to your batch. The first thing I would do is adjust the air release valve, if that doesn’t do it then I would put the entire canister in the freezer and cool it down for a while, meat that is very cold will stuff much easier as the fat will be less sticky. Finally if those don’t work you might need to add some water to your batch. If you try to keep cranking you could be building up pressure and when you let go of the handle it might spin rapidly in the opposite direction and could injure someone.

    If you are trying to determine which size will work best for you you should take a few things into account. The first is obviously batch size, if you are making mostly 5-10 batches than the 7-11 lb stuffers would be a better option, if you make large batches than the 26 or 33 lb stuffers will end up saving you a lot of time. Another thing to take into account is strength and effort. The piston on a 26 and 33 lb stuffer is far bigger than the 7 and 11 lb models, this means that they will require more effort to turn the crank as there is more surface area and more meat to be pushed down through the cylinder.

    Electric Stuffer

    Finally you might also want to look at the 26 lb electric sausage stuffer. This stuffer takes almost all of the effort out of stuffing sausage. It has a speed dial on the side so you can set how quickly you want to stuff and a foot pedal so you can start and stop the piston from going up or down simply by pushing down with your foot or taking the pressure off. This stuffer might not help you stuff much faster than a hand crank but it will be much easier. This would be a good stuffer for someone who does a lot of stuffing by themselves or for someone looking to make the process of sausage stuffing easier. One note on this stuffer is that it will not currently work for smaller diameter snack stick sized products, it should only be used for bratwurst and larger sized sausages.

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