Seasoning & Additives 105 - Common Additives

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    Seasoning and Additives

    Seasoning and Additives 105 - Common Additives

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    Liquid Smoke
    Liquid Smoke

    What Are Additives?

    Additives refer to any ingredients added to your product that serve a function other than taste. The reasons for adding this can be moisture retention and yield enhancement, cure acceleration, color enhancement, meat binding just to name a few. Familiarity with these products can help you make a better product and might ease some of your concerns when reading ingredient labels on store-bought packages.

    Moisture Retaining Additives

    Additives with moisture-retaining properties include Cold Phosphate, Corn Syrup Solids, Dairy Blend, and Sodium Tripoly Phosphate. These products are designed to allow the meat to more effectively bond the water so that it stays in the product during the cooking process. This will give you a finished product with more moisture and is especially important in products with lower fat content. These products also act as yield enhancers as the more water that is bound up in the product the more volume and weight it will have. For the beginner who wants to use one of these products, I would recommend Cold Phosphate, just be sure to check the ingredients on the seasoning you are using first to ensure that it does not already contain phosphates, as adding too much phosphate can give your product a soapy flavor.

    Cure Accelerator

    Cure accelerators interact with the cure in a way that speeds up its conversion from Nitrite to nitric oxide gas and allows you to go directly from stuffing to the smokehouse. When these are used you do not need to hold your product overnight to allow the cure time to work. Cure Accelerator from Excalibur and Sodium Erythorbate are cure accelerators that have minimal if any, effect on taste. Encapsulated Citric Acid acts as both a cure accelerator and a pH reducer, it is what gives meat snacks that nice tang. Smoked Meat Stabilizer should be used mostly with wild game and should not be used in a cover pickle, as it will gas out rapidly and create a dangerous cloud of gas, it should not be used in products that you are adding water to assist in mixing. just mix it in when making sausage or snack sticks and it will kill bacteria faster than it can reproduce. For the beginner, I would recommend encapsulated citric acid.

    Liquid Smokes

    Liquid Smokes are popular color enhancers that are sprayed on during the smoking process to give the meat a nice smoked appearance. Two common types of this are C-10 and Supreme Smoke and are often used with Hams, Bacons, or any other smoked whole muscle meat. Pn-9 Liquid smoke is another type that has a neutral pH but really should only be used in a smokehouse that can atomize it for spraying. Cures also have a coloring factor but we will get into that in later videos.

    Meat Binders

    Meat Binders like Soy Protein Blend and Sure Gel contain some protein which will make protein extraction more efficient as more of it will be available. The Soy Protein blend has a grain or cereal-like appearance and will look like oats if you soak it in water but it will dissolve into your product so it will not leave any noticeably different consistency. Both of these have allergens in them though so you need to be somewhat careful with that. Carrot Fiber is a binder that is able to hold 26 times its weight in water, is allergen-free, inexpensive, and imparts very little if any, taste into your cooked product. Any of these products are going to improve the texture of your finished product.

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  • Jonathon going to do snack sticks without casings using a jerky gun. Would I need to add a binder, carrot fiber, if I’m not stuffing casings?

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    cannon-bob You don’t ever really “need” a binder but we would recommend using one. Whether you are making a skinless product or not I would still use one as it helps the texture and prevents it from drying out too much. But if you want to make it without it that should be fine too, it just might not have the best texture/consistency.

  • Yearling

    How much garlic power should be use in a 25 lbs mix for ring sausage. I’m thing about 1oz. Is this a good starting point, don’t want to put to much in it. want a garlic taste but don’t want to over do it.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    RayStripling If you are wanting to use Ring Bologna and increase the garlic flavor then adding 1 oz is probably a good starting point. That seasoning is 1.5 lb per 25 lb batch so adding 1 oz is adding 1/24th of that which is decent when wanting to increase specific flavors.

  • Yearling

    Thanks Jonathon. Just one more question. Is that 1.5 lbs of garlic power or 1.5 oz. per 25 lb batch?

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Green Mountain Grill Masterbuilt

    RayStripling I believe he was saying if you are using the Ring Bologna seasoning, which is 1.5 lbs of seasoning and adding 1 oz of Garlic powder that would be a good place to start. Not adding 1.5 lbs of garlic powder.

  • Yearling

    Thanks, I understand it now. Got it.

  • Yearling

    Has anyone every made skin sausage from the skin of a hog and if so, can you tell me how to do it.

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    RayStripling I searched through all my considerable sausage class booklets for some reference of this and couldn’t find it. I also searched through a bunch of commercial formulations and found nothing. Can you give me more to go on? Are you talking about breaking it down to something like gelatin and then using that?

  • Yearling

    Yes the skin is boil to a gelatin form and nix with a sausage mix to make what they call skin sausage. I remember very little on how they did it, but hope i remember enough to give it a go. Maybe next year’ for i’m down to my last 30 lbs venison.

  • Team Blue

    RayStripling I’ve used it on both Linguica and Chorizo. It’s boild and ground with the meat base. It melts away when cooked and gives a silky mouthfeel.

  • is Sure Gel fruit pectin? The same as used in jams?

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Buffalo77 I don’t know for sure but I am going to say almost certainly not. A quick google search showed me that fruit pectin is derived from fruit and is a thickening agent. Sure Gel could perform similarly but it is milk based and designed to aid in protein extraction during the mixing process of cured sausage.

  • Hello. Will cold phosphate work if I choose to marinade in the stuff and not inject?

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